Quality standards


Satisfying our customers

IMPERATOR's quality approach is based on continuous performance improvement with the main objective being customer satisfaction.

To achieve this, our policy is to continually improve our way of working by :

- respecting the procedures we have established.
- strongly involving staff in the detection of anomalies or the proposals for improvement
- recording the anomalies and nonconformities that we noticed as well as the customers' claims.
- analyzing the root causes of these discrepancies with problem solving methods
- make arrangements to make sure they do not happen again
- verifying that the arrangements made have the expected results

This quality management system leads to an external certification according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949, NSF ISO 21469, Kosher and Halal international standards.

Customer satisfaction is a constant improvement factor for IMPERATOR.

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≥ 98%

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Rate of timely resolution of non-comformities from external audits

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