Health and Safety


Safety, our priority

Hazards related to the handling of chemicals, risk of falls, misuse of tools and machinery, etc.

Every day, constant vigilance is necessary to avoid accidents at work and occupational diseases. IMPERATOR places the safety of all employees and partners at the heart of its concerns.

The objective is clear: Zero accidents at work !

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Encouraging results

Thanks to field actions, working groups and employee awareness, investments in safety are bearing fruit:

- The IMPERATOR plant is OHSAS 18001 certified. The audits are carried out every 3 years and are supplemented by a follow-up audit every year. The last audit found no non-compliance.

- The number of accidents (with or without a lost time) is constantly decreasing.


exercices carried out during the year


reduction in the number of accidents with and without a lost time over the last 12 months

7 years

without accident with a lost time with our contractors





Shared vigilance

Shared by the whole staff, the key points of the safety culture are setting exemples, respecting safety rules, escalate anomalies and their treatment, vigilance and rigor.

To this end, golden rules have been defined and applied to all Total Group sites, and at IMPERATOR.